Germantown Cab Co Inc

5350 Belfield Avenue,

Philadelphia, PA 19144-5816

tel.: (215) 438-8888‎

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Germantown Cab Review

Called Germantown Cab 5:30 am to arrange for a cab to come at 7 am. Cab company called me at 6:15 to confirm and I then changed the arrival time to 7:10. Went to wait at the front door at 7:05 and over the next hour made four calls to the cab company, each time receiving one excuse or another as to where was the cab. On the fourth call I cancelled the cab. The company had sufficient time to have a cab at my address on time and they failed miserably.

Marlisse Taylor

On March 16,2014 i called Germantown cab at approximately 7:00pm to the Wal-Mart at Cederbrook mall. I was then told a cab should be there in 45 minutes or less. After waiting patiently for an hour i decided to give them all call back to check on the status. When my call was answered, a young female answered the phone and stated, Im sorry but we're a little busy at the moment, but it should be there shortly. I waiting another 30 mins and still no cab.This time i called back someone said they would check for me, then said it hasn't been dispatched yet. She placed me on hold then another young female who said her name was Kia answered and acted as if i had just called, i informed her that i was just on hold and i had been waiting for a cab for over an hour. She rudely said "Its on the way!" And then hung up on me. I called back and asked for a manager. She told me she was the manager and began to argue with me. After a few moments of going back and fourth she placed me on hold again then a guy picked up the line and started the he was actually the manager! I explained to him that if they were busy and the young lady knew this it would've been fine if she would have said it would be an hour to two hour wait, but instead i was told 45mins or less and i was still waiting now for two hours, and my cab still hasn't been dispatched! He tells me that they don't really do pick ups at malls! But they do do pick ups at addresses and super markets......Wal-Mart IS A SUPERMARKET!!!!! I WILL NEVER USE GERMANTOWN CAB CO AGAIN!! I think from now on ill just stick to 215-225-2171 They have way better service and people skills. I'm not sure the actual companies name, but they are known buy the moniker "Papi Cab." They also have great rates and comfortable luxury sedans😃

nafeese holton

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